Foreign Missions

First Baptist Church of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota has long been a supporter of foreign missions, with missionaries in several areas of Africa, Brazil, Mexico and Japan. Our foreign missionaries are very committed to their fields and they call them “home”. There are so many areas and diverse places that are available to those God calls to the mission field, and so many ways of serving the Lord. Our Foreign Missionaries are:

• Phil & Mimi Bjorklund, Cote d'Ivorie, West Africa. The Bjorklunds theme among the Journeyers is to link arms with their Ivorian families and friends to reach into their communities with the Gospel of Jesus. They do member care among their team and mentor young Ivorian leaders in their ministry. Their mission statement, “Develope the next generation of leaders for church and missions.” Email

• Dan & Esther Penney, Senegal, Africa. Dan is a team leader for 35 people for the WorldVenture in Senegal. He is a cross between a CEO of a small company and a pastor of a small church. Esther keeps Dan, their 4 sons (Joel, Luke, Caleb, & Zack) and their home running. Email

• Curt & Lalia Kregness, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Kregness serve with WorldVenture and assist in leadership development through Vida Nova (New Life) book publishing. Curt edits and proofreads books and manuscripts for the publishing house. Lalia translates books from English to Portuguese. They teach various groups connected to their church and seminary. Email

• David & Christy Roberts, Aguascalientes, Mexico. The Roberts serve with Evangelical Mission Ministries. They oversee four Christian Bookstores and literature distribution in several Mexican states. They also help administer a Christian elementary school and kindergarten. David gives conferences to churches on the subject of missions and Christian education. Email

• Paul & Nancy Nethercott, Tokyo, Japan. Nethercotts are a member of TEAM Japan. Paul's main ministry has been media and creative arts, through which he was a producer for some films. He just finished the film called “Two Thieves”. Nancy leads worship renewal workshops in local churches and holds leadership roles on their mission boards. Currently, they are living in the U.S. They will continue to do their work globally, for 2 years. (2015-2017) Email

Home Missions

First Baptist Church also supports many Home Missionaries. They are called to serve the Lord right here in our area. Such as Bemidji, Burtrum, Ely, and even here in Detroit Lakes. We believe that God calls people locally, those who have made a Commitment to Serve the Lord, by Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Home Missionaries are:

• Steve and Bonnie Hanson, Bemidji, Minnesota. The Hansons serve in Timber Bay ministries which assist many youth in various settings. From the Timber Bay House, to camps, basketball ministry, and outdoor adventures, they also serve in the Bemidji and Cass Lake Schools. Making themselves available for youth in need of discipleship and direction by pointing them to Jesus Christ. Email

• Paul & Michele Straubel, Bemidji, Minnesota. The Straubels work with Oak Hills Center for Indian Ministries. They focus on building the church by helping people grow as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. They also serve in the Red Lake Reservation and at Mokahum Ministry Center, which is a discipleship school for Native Americans. Email

• Mike & Erin Keller, Ely, Minnesota. The Kellers are a part of the Rock Ridge Christian Camp. Rock Ridge's mission is to create a wilderness camping experience for youth and adults with the purpose of sharing the Gospel. The ministry offers retreats for families and church groups, canoe/camping rentals, and guided wilderness trips. Mike's role is outfitting and tripping coordinator. Rock Ridge's hope is that getting people into Creation, they will be challenged physically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually growing closer to the Lord. Email

• Bill & Lisa Abeler, Burtrum, Minnesota. The Abelers are the Executive Directors of Camp Lebanon. Camp Lebanon guests, both young and old, will taste the delight of being desired by their Creator God, through the “funnest” fun, loving relationships, beauty inside and out, and Truth declared and illustrated. Camp Lebanon is dedicated to providing A Meeting Place With God to help the Church do the work of Christ. More than a Destination, Camp Lebanon will be a Base from which staff and guests will touch the world with the love of Christ. Email

• The Refuge, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. The vision of The Refuge is to model and share the love, peace, freedom, and compassion of Jesus Christ in west central Minnesota by meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of people as outlined in Matthew 25:31-40. The goal of The Refuge is to be available to meet the needs for physical and spiritual nourishment, Biblically based training, worship, recreation, fellowship, and ministry for anyone who walks through their doors. The Refuge also works to provide resources, education, and opportunities that allow people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to live reconciled, healthy, and abundant lives. In addition, The Refuge provides opportunities for people who would like to share their gifts, talents, and financial resources with those in need. Phone: 218-847-1982

• The Becker County Food Pantry, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. The Food Pantry is a vital part of Detroit Lakes, providing food for needy families. Families who are in need are never turned away. The Food Pantry is always in need of volunteers and supplies. All donations are Welcome. Phone: 218-846-0142

• Young Life Detroit Lakes, MINNESOTA. The Young Life Celebrates 75 years as a mission, and has been an active part of the Lakes Area for 41 years. "Out there in the World of kids, meeting them where they are, Accepting them as they are, With a Vision for who they can Become." The Five “C's” of Young Life: Club, Camp, Campaigners, Contact Work, and Committee. These are time tested methods that allow adults to reach into the world of kids with the Gospel of Jesus. Phone: 847-3947


Samaritan's Purse WORLD WIDE. Samaritan's Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Since 1970, Samaritan's Purse has helped meet the needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God's love through His Son, Jesus Christ. The organization serves the Church worldwide to promote the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thier head quarters are in Boone, North Carolina. Churches all over the U.S. gather Samaritan Purse Christmas Shoeboxes every year. As a way to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the little children all around the world. 1-800-353-5949 Website: